Subcontractor Pre-Qualification Application

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Subcontractor Identity

Include a copy of a completed W-9 form if company has not worked with Sauer in past 12 months.

Type of Company:

List of Company Officers:

Company Information:

Contract Value Summary:


Union Affiliation


Bonding Capability

If company is able to bond, provide a letter from company's surety affirming surety's commitment to the single project and aggregate limits inserted above.

Insurance Information

Workers' Compensation Experience Modifier:

You are required to verify company current workers' compensation experience modifier. If company experience modifier is .90 or higher, please provide a copy of additional information for up to the past four years. Reference included sample certificate of insurance for Sauer's minimum insurance requirements.

Submit, along with completed prequalification application, a sample certificate of insurance that is representative of company’s current insurance coverage including general, automobile, excess, worker’s compensation and employer liabilities.



MBE/WBE/SBE/DBE/DVBE Certification

Is the company certified? Check all that apply.

Completed Projects

List four (4) representative projects completed in the last five (5) years.

Current Projects

List four (4) representative projects currently under construction.

Trade References

List three (3) of your subcontractors or suppliers.

Client References

List three (3) clients.

If necessary, include attachments listing completed projects, current projects, trade and client references.

Company's Commitment to Mitigating the Environmental Impacts of Construction

Does the company,


Safety Information


Other Information

In the past five (5) years, has company,


I hereby certify that the information herein is true and sufficiently complete so as not to be misleading:

Financial Statements: To ensure that applicant’s submitted financial data is maintained in confidence, please fill out the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) pre-signed by Sauer on our website, and submit it along with your audited financial information. Please provide the last three years of audited financials that include balance sheets, statements of income and cash flows as well as the associated notes to the financial statements. Sauer agrees that all confidential information supplied by applicant will be accepted and maintained in confidence in accordance with the terms of the NDA.

Submission of requested financial information is a requisite to becoming a prequalified subcontractor.