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    “[Sauer] surpassed all expectations... [Their] safety plan, documentation, and execution led to an impressive zero mishap accident record. An outstanding project with an outstanding contractor.”

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    “As we strive to deliver a quality product, we must not lose sight of safety as our number one priority. Your company has shown that commitment and has met the high standards of… safety on the jobsite.”

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    “Sauer focused on safety at the jobsite.  Despite logging more than over 300,000 man hours, there were no lost time accidents during the course of construction.”

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    “Your safe job performance on numerous projects was unrivaled. Your outstanding safety record… represents your undying commitment to put safety first while providing a quality and timely product.”

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    “Your job site supervision was exceptional [and] Sauer's safety program was outstanding.”

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Safety is Job One

Safety is the foundation of our culture

Safety doesn’t just happen – it takes training, coaching, passion, and commitment. We believe that safety is the responsibility of each and every person from our president / CEO to the tradesperson working on our jobsite.

Enhanced training programs, frequent site visits from top management, and safety audits, help identify and mitigate issues that may result in worker injuries. We require a minimum of 30-hour certification for all senior managers, project managers, project engineers, superintendents, foremen, quality control, and safety managers.

To raise awareness and enhance workplace safety, we offer additional training in identified problem areas throughout the course of a project. Our on-going safety training programs include:

•    Employee orientation
•    Excavation training
•    Confined space training
•    Fire protection training
•    Fall protection training
•    Emergency procedures training
•    Forklift training
•    Scaffold training
•    Electrical training
•    Crane safety / rigging
•    Respiratory protection training
•    Hazardous material training
•    First aid / CPR training

We are proud of our prestigious safety awards and of our safety statistics, which continually outperform the industry average. Sauer earned a .58 against a 1.0 benchmark EMR (the industry measure that demonstrates effectiveness in overall safety performance).

For more information on our commitment to safety, contact Judy Campbell at
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